Thursday, March 27, 2008

Torn today

Today I am supposed to lead my covenant group with pastors in the Residency program, but I am driving to another state to attend the funeral for the mother of a close friend. Presence means so much, but there's just so much anyone can do. But I guess you can still feel torn over it. And you can hope those you aren't present for can accept and understand.

I told one of the group members yesterday that I had chosen to go to the funeral. I apologized for missing the group time. Attendance is mandatory for the Residency pastors and I stated I hated to set a bad example to them about not making the Residency meeting the hightest priority. She graced me with these words, "Maybe you're setting the right example, that we need to be there for one another." Still, I feel torn today.


Elizabeth Dorrell said...

You are driven by your spirit.
You made the right choice..

Catherine Dazevedo said...

Cool, found your blog by accident. NitroRev? Want to hear all about it. Best to Cynthia.

Because of Grace,
Catherine Dazevedo

Stephen Taylor said...

Thanks Elizabeth! and Catherine, good to hear from you!

Jim said...

I don't know if you did the right thing or not. I do know that it meant a lot to your friend.