Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's Happening at General Conference?

Took my daughter to get some medical tests today and took my Advance Daily Christian Advocate for inspiring reading while I waited. Wading through the petitions to General Conference is both a necessary evil and an encouraging exercise.

The difficulty comes in trying to understand what some petitions mean, and especially what the impact will be. The encouragement comes from realizing how many people have given thought and energy to try and and make our church more effecient, comprehensive, missional, or whatever. I may or may not agree what what they propose, but I delight to be in a church that opens the doors to hear anyone's petition.

For those not really familiar with what happens at General Conference, Richard Peck has an article posted at the UM Portal that does a great job explaining about the 1,560 petitions (legislative proposals) General Conference will consider. And if you want to know more, Peck also has an article called A General Conference Primer.

I will serve on the Higher Education and Ministry Legislative Committee which, according to Peck's article, won the honor of having the most petitions, 229. My daughter Kelsey will be on the Independent Commission Legislative Committee. I don't know how many petitions they have.

By the way, in an earlier post I asked prayer for Kelsey. As an update, the doctors believe she has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritus. We still doing tests, and still learning about it, but the symptoms fit with what she's been going through. When I learn more I'll probably make a post about JRA. Of interest now is that with JRA she fatigues easily, which isn't ideal for school or for the long days of General Conference. Anyway, continued prayers for her would be appreciated.


DogBlogger said...

Prayers for Kelsey and you, as these long days approach for all of us. (I'm on Local Church.)

bfine107 said...

Stephen, thanks for the comment on the quote from my blog about adbusters.