Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jay was right after all

A while back gavin wrote a post on the Methoblog on the General Conference rules restricting the use of computers and cell phones. I responded with a post of my own after Jay Voorhees suggested in a comment that the rules committee was in part attempting to prohibit "someone from controlling large blocks of votes electronically."

I stated I found it hard to believe that any group would attempt to do that, and was unsure even if it was possible, given the tight schedule of consent calendars and votes. Well, I must eat my words. Jay was right.

Today I opened my mail and here's a letter from James Heidinger of Good News and Tom Lambrecht Of Renewal and Reform Coalition. The letter asked me to send in my cell phone number because: " "We will have timely updates to share with you about legislation or information about special luncheons or other events."

They also ask for my email address, which I may send in, just to see how they plan on using it, and what the messages will be. Guess I'm not as prepared for this Gen. Conf. as I thought I was.


gavin richardson said...

i think it is a great idea to submit your info and see what sort of information they are sending out & whether it fits in with 'faithful' conferencing.

i bet the blogosphere would have a field day with that

DogBlogger said...

Very interesting.... thanks for sharing. I expect I'll get my letter soon.

Not sure I want to give them any more of my info than they already have, though.