Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yesterday was a day for reconnections. It began with my men's bible study starting back after a month's break. We have coffee, discuss the next passage as we work our way through a book of the Bible (we're in John's Gospel now), and close with prayer. We call ourselves M.A.D.Men meaning, Making-A-Difference Men, and meaning, you have to be a bit daffy to be up at 6 AM to study the Bible.

We have about 15 regulars who have a "don't hold back" attitude when it comes to questioning the text and trying to figure out what it means in our lives. These brothers in the journey renew me weekly.

Then at lunch re-connected with my Rotary Club. These men and women come from all across our community. It's a good club that does a lot of service in the community, but eating lunch with varied friends is perhaps the best part of it for me.

Finally, last night I went to have late coffee (!) with an old friend who once was in ministry as a colleague. After some years of a different path, he feels the need to reconnect, and I'm glad for it.

I used to test off the scale as an introvert, which most people don't believe since they see me enjoying being around people so much. I do still need my private quiet time for recharging, but I realize now that connecting with folks is just as important to me. Of course, I'm no where near like my wife and two girls. They keep up with friends from all over the world and from different times in their lives. Wish I'd done a better job of that through the years.

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