Saturday, August 11, 2007

Chapel Update

The pews are out! The marble floors have to be refinished. Then 1) we need to install a decent sound system, 2) we need a projection system, 3) needs some additional spot and indirect lighting, and 4) the chairs have to be ordered. Who would of thunk it?
Now we can alleviate some of the space-crunch occurring in our church. How will the chapel be used? First of all we have flexibility now to do different types of informal worship. It can be set up for use by a class, for seminars, for fellowship, and as a place for families to receive friends before or after a funeral. Add a video camera in the main sanctuary and it becomes a place for overflow crowds. It's still a chapel, so the uses won't extend to anything or everything, but there are a lot of church functions that will fit in there nicely.

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Lauren said...

great pic on the top of your page dad. Sums it up pretty perfect!!