Saturday, August 11, 2007

Calming the savage beast

Re-read my headboard and it says this site is also about music. What a laugh! If you want real music, check my brother Tom's site. I love and enjoy all types of music, but don't have the attention span to become proficient at playing instruments, or even to learn artist's names, or lyrics.

Actually, I have a habit of making up my own lyrics as I sing. A friend a few years ago sang beside me as she helped lead worship. Afterwards Leah told my wife I have lyracosis, a progressive disease indicated by the inability to sing the actual lyrics of a song. Maybe this should be added to the list of symptoms for attention deficit disorder.

It's really simple. I get distracted as the song goes on, and since I've always loved to rhyme things, I just chose something that will rhyme to finish out the phrase and usually it makes sense with the rest of the words. (However, at the church I'm serving now we're on the radio and I've noticed the sound guys turn off my mike during the songs! - and this is not the time or place to talk about how the Praise Band hid the tamborine from me!)

Still I love to have music playing, and love to sing. One of the things I enjoyed with my stay at Iona was the worship music there. The song by John Bell, Take, O Take Me as I Am, has become a favorite. I've taught it everywhere this summer, Salkehatchie, Course of Study, and to my congregation. It's just a good little "centering" song.

Music calms the savage beast. Well, it sure helps me. Just yesterday, as the temps here rose above 100 degrees for the 4th day, the religious radio station I was listening to started playing Christmas music. It was great. I wasn't ready to put on a sweater, but I think I did feel cooler, and actually stayed focused a little longer.


Tom said...

Taylor's Axiom states that, "For every situation in life there exists at least one song or bastardization thereof."

Lisa Carbone said...

Hi Mr. Taylor!! I like to make up my own words, too! Just wanted to leave you some love on your new blog! I miss you guys so much! Hope all is super duper swell down in Sumter :)