Saturday, August 18, 2007

A First for Eighty

Tonight we went to a birthday party for a special man. Tom was eighty this week and his family and friends gathered for grilled chicken quarters, all the fixin's, and birthday cake. Tom is a retired dairy farmer and comes to my early Tuesday Bible study - every week that his health allows.

The food was delicious. Meeting and greeting was just fine. But what was great was watching Tom enjoy it all. You see, this was the first birthday party he's ever had. The oldest of four kids in a farm family, they just didn't have parties when he was a boy. And as an adult he's always been unassuming, seeing about others rather than himself.

So it was definitely time just to celebrate Tom. He got some fun presents and in his pure enjoyment we all got to feel like kids again. Guess that was his present to us. Happy Birthday Tom!

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