Saturday, April 5, 2008

Revealing Clergy Appointments

Applause to Bishop Willimon. He had the clergy appointments of the North Alabama Conference posted on the conference web site just a couple of days after the cabinet finished making the appointments. You can see it here.

Rumors abound during the appointment season. Since pastors and churches are instructed, "Don't tell anyone" it becomes a game of "tell but don't tell." Pastors naturally want to know where their colleagues are moving, and with the guessing, a lot of mis-information gets passed around. I have to believe Willimon's move to put the list out there can only help to cut down the speculations and talk.

Leadership involves standing in public by your decisions. And to me, this shows leadership. What do you think?


Kathy said...

I think posting appointments on the internet before they are set is akin to publishing the pastor's salary for anyone who walks into the church to pick up and read.

roadtripray said...

I noticed today that the conference journal with all line items, including salaries, are posted on the SC conference website. But no appointment stuff, other than a couple of DS appointments.