Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Endless Debate on Human Sexuality

ALL afternoon we have dealt with the social principle statement on Human Sexuality in paragraph 161.g of the Discipline. Essentially the report out of committee removes the statement "we do not condone the practice of homosexuality and consider this practice incompatible with Christian teaching" that was put in the Discipline in 1972 and has essentially remained unchanged (though debated regularly) through all GC's since. The report out of committee states that we are not of one mind on this subject. A minority report reinstated the phrase.

I just now got the post for this morning up on the blog, but now we are going to finally vote, after endless motions, etc., to "perfect" both the majority and the minority reports. The minority report prevailed 394 to 293. Oops that vote was ruled invalid by a point of order. So now we are at it again. This time the minority report prevailed again 517-416. Now we have to vote on whether we approve the minority report, which now is the report, but essential the traditional phrase is retained because if it fails the present Discipline remains.

It is 5:14 Central time and the vote is being taken. By a vote of 501- to 417 we have a new statement. We are tired and people are on edge. May we find a way forward for there is yet much work for us to do and we will need some way of working together.


Gregg said...

It is hard to "find a way forward" when one side of this debate won't even speak the truth about the divide. We ARE divided on this subject as United Methodists, and the refusal to acknowledge that is preventing the healing from ever happening. Everyone knows that the first step of any kind of healing is to admit you have a problem. I am a grieving United Methodist because the GC continues to choose the status quo. What needs to die for us to experience the Resurrection?

gavin richardson said...

wednesday was a tough day. i thought the petition had a nice, honest, truth telling stance that would allow for healing to possibly take place. the fact that the vote was so close shows such that we are a divided church

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us your 'view' of GC. As I have watched the proceedings over the last week, I have felt such pride that I am a UNITED Methodist. I know there appears to be division at times and that is part of how God made us with different opinions and views! But, as a lifelong UM, I am not sure in all these years that I have understood the word "United" as well as I have this past week. Watching all the petitions and presentations has made me much more aware of how 'united' we really are...and isn't that what loving our neighbor is all about? I am glad to be a part of a group of
Christians who reach out to a world that is hurting and hungry. I know the politics many times overshadows the good that is done within the walls of that convention center. But, I hope when it all ends there is unity. I thank you and all of the SC delegation who give of their time and expertise to serve God and our UMC in this manner. I am proud to be on one of God's teams(the United Methodists!) that try to make a difference in a world that is filled with poverty, malaria, aids, starving children and war torn countries. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ in this vast universe created by ONE God. I am proud to be a United Methodist!