Friday, April 4, 2008

Prayers for Zimbabwe

Today the election results are to be announced in Zimbabwe and the initial reports are that President Mugabe will be forced into a run-off. Who knows what might happen, since police have already raided the headquarters of Mugabe's opponent and western journalists have been taken into custody. I seriously doubt he will allow another vote. Pray for the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country, with wonderful friendly people. At least that was my experience of it during an UMVIM trip in 2001. At that time the "redistribution" of the large farm lands was taking place and people were nervous, but the economy hadn't yet fallen into serious trouble.

Now the world knows of the unlimited corruption, inflation, unemployment, and despair that the country faces. This once stable and prosperous country needs help, but since there are no oil reserves there, the interest of the US will probably be fleeting.

Lord, have mercy upon Mateus, Analdina, Shadreck, Winnet, Lovejoy, Philip, Shepherd, Mishack, and Lucia, upon their families, and their country men and women. May your righteousness and peace prevail over the greed and violence at hand. Restore their hope and heal their land. Amen.


Jim Elder said...

It is, indeed, a sad state of affairs in Zimbabwe, as well as several other places around the world. Prayer, at times, doesn't seem like enough but it is, in fact, an important starting point.

As for the United States interest in what is going on there, you expressed your doubt that there would not be much because of the lack of oil reserves. Unfortunately, our government reflects, in great sense, what the general public holds important - oil for our cars and planes and homes. Until we, the people, are willing to cut back and sacrifice, and take moral and ethical stands concerning those situations happening in such places as Zimbabwe, nothing really won't change.

And if such a stand does happen and our government responds in kind, rest assured that we will be ridiculed, criticized, and even condemned for getting involved in such situations. Just look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Romania, Ukraine, and on and on it goes.

So we begin with prayer and pray for change, for them and for us as a people and a government.

Stephen Taylor said...

Good reflection Jim.