Monday, April 28, 2008

The Advance

I have just been moved to tears through part of the presentation celebrating the Advance, one of our church’s mission arms. A woman from Bolivia spoke to us. She told of the weaving project the UMC helped her develop. When we arrived at Conf, each delegate received a cloth bag which had a section woven. They provided the weaving for those bags.

The lady, Justo Sarazia Mamani, said, “All this I have done without an education. But because of our work, my three daughters have all graduated high school. They will finish their education and come back to be leaders in our community. Where I come from the people of the Methodist church are called good people, because they share what they have, and they help those in need. Thank you for helping us.”

Her words were so sincere and pure. You can’t help but be thankful for the work being done all over the world by brothers and sisters in ministry. Gloria a dios!

(Updated 4 hrs later with lady's name and pictures.)


Keith McIlwain said...

Watched you (online) speak from the floor of GC; well done. You are in our prayers.

Jim Elder said...

I happened to watch the video presentation and this woman speak. I listened and thought, isn't this what Christ meant when He said for us to go and make disciples? Isn't this how the world is transformed, one person at a time by discovering God and the hope that He gives?

I bet you are sure tired but, again, I appreciate you and Tim McClendon's blog insights.