Monday, September 3, 2007

Top Ten Questions

Cynthia and I were visiting with our friends Jim and Kathryn today (all of us ministers) and we were talking about a lot of things pastors have to deal with. So we came up with:

The top ten things Not to ask your Pastor.
10. I’m coming to decorate my Sunday school room at 7 AM Saturday, do I need to get a key, or will you be there?
9. Have you visited my aunt’s brother’s daughter-in-law’s neighbor who’s been in the hospital since last Tuesday?
8. Right before the worship service, “Can I talk to you a minute?”
7. Reverend, what do you do the rest of the week?
6. What do you wear under your robe?
5. Preacher, what’s the chapter and verse for that passage that says “the trees of the field will clap their hands” (or any scriptural phrase)?
4. Did you wash your hands before you served us communion?
3. A new family moved in beside us this week, have you visited them yet?

2. Why don’t you do things like our last pastor?

And, the number one thing not to ask your Pastor -
1. Are you sure you feel called to the ministry?

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