Saturday, September 15, 2007

Via Georgetown

Haven't blogged since Tuesday because of travel. Went to the Bishop's School at the beach. Thursday had to go to Columbia for an Aldersgate Special Needs Meeting, then back to the beach for the end of Bishop's School. Thursday I started a post on changes in the orders of ministry, but it got too complicated, so I didn't post it. That's got to be a sign of how our structure needs work, when even a blog post to talk about it quickly gets too complex.

But I broke up one of the trips by stopping in Georgetown to take some pictures. I'd remembered a small church from my Salkehatchie Camps there, years ago, that had a hand written sign out front, The Fire Baptized, Holy Spirit Filled Apostles Church of the True Vine of Jesus Christ. I didn't think it would still be around, and didn't find it. But I did find one church with an interesting sign.

It amazes me that people let you take their pictures. I surely don't look like a photographer, with my little Nikon Coolpix digital, that I detest, by the way. Since I don't have a telephoto lens where I can 'swipe' a shot from a distance, I have to get close. So I always ask if it is OK. Sometimes I get a No, but usually they stop and pose. Of course, it helps if you strike up a conversation first, especially if it is to be a picture of children. Can't be too careful these days, I might be a looney.

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Tom said...

Yeah, but we know you're a loony!