Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our nominee Tim McClendon

This past June, the South Carolina delegates to General Conference and to the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference unamiously endorsed the Rev. Dr. Tim McClendon as our nominee for the episcopacy. We will elect one new bishop (unless there are some surprise retirements between now and then) at our SEJ Conference next July. We think Tim is not only the best qualified through his experience and service for the job, but that he will provide the kind of leadership our church needs for the future.

I'm blogging about Tim now because a web site about Tim, http://www.timsej.com/, introducing him to the other delegations, has been set up. I hope you will visit it, and maybe leave Tim a note of encouragement.

I've known Tim many years and teach alongside him at the Emory Course of Study during the summer. He's a solid, compassionate pastor, who's carried those qualities into his role now as a District Superintendent. And most people know he's a Discipline whiz who knows how to make our structures work for ministry. He's also a potter. A few years ago, he was the speaker at our church's winter beach retreat. The photo is one of Tim at the wheel, throwing clay and teaching about the life of grace. Our members who attended still talk about how great that retreat was.

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