Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Paper Piles

OK, I'm ready for some brain to come up with a filing system designed for people with attention deficit disorder. Those of us with ADD usually have good intentions. We mean to file it where we can find it. So we put it in a place where we can do that, and then the next thing comes along and it is promptly forgotten.

Someone suggested the Paper Tiger system. I looked it up on the web. You number each paper and then enter it in your computer, also listing key words so it will show up in something like a "google" search. Sure, I'm going to be focused enough to do all that?

Guess I'll stay with the paper pile method. It takes longer to find things, but while you're looking you come across other interesting things. Like last night while I was looking in my office for a sheet with charge conference figures, I came across an article with some notes I'd made on it for a great sermon illustration. That's a great "find" that just wouldn't have happened if the article was stuck in some neat hanging file, with it's proper number!


Lauren said...

Dad, I'm totally feeling your pain right now. My ADHD is in overdrive and I can't shake it!!!

Anonymous said...

Lauren, you at least know where to find who you got it from.:)

One way is to put a "pile" for each area of life home, church, bill, etc. You at least have some idea of where it is.

I can give you sure fire system, but it seems it doesn't work too well, I keep paper but lose checks! :) :)