Monday, October 8, 2007

MOSAIC Worship

Yesterday we had the second installment of MOSAIC Worship. The theme for this service was "Creator God." And the issue was, "If God is yet a creating God, what does that mean for our world and our lives?"

The attendance held strong, close to 60 again, but still not getting many of the parents of the youth to attend. The pace of this one was a little slower, and that was nice, more time to reflect on the readings and discussions. I had so little to do with the planning of this session. Bill and Johannah on our staff basically did the ground work, and they did an excellent job both with the graphics (a slide show on the theme of creation) and the involvement of a variety of people.

By the way, I came across a decent archived article from Christianity Today about the emerging movement. Five Streams of the Emerging Church. It's more on the theological trends side than makes for an easy read (yes, we're still talking Christianity Today), but it is a helpful overview for those wanting to know more about emerging. Half-way through there are a couple paragraphs on worship that I started to swipe, but you can just link there if you want to read it.

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