Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Different Mosaic

For our upcoming Celebration and Consecration Sunday, the staff has been working on a video presentation for the church. I got to see the first draft yesterday. It uses pictures of our church members in various ministries and worship settings with a sound track of voices responding to the question, "What does Trinity mean to me?" Wow, I loved it. If our members can get over the issue of a gigantic projection screen set up in our sanctuary on that Sunday, I think they'll be moved by it as well.

The pictures, so many faces, doing such a variety of things in ministry, make me realize anew that it's hard to truly see what a church is all about. And if that's true for me as the pastor, imagine what it's like for the people who just come to worship. Plus, often we see without really seeing.

The philosopher Hegel said that when something is very familiar to us, it remains unknown. He probably meant something much deeper than this, but we can become so used to the people around us that we no longer really see them for who they are. Or, we look through or beyond our surroundings.

A big part of leadership is keeping your own eyes open, and helping others to do the same. I've heard it said that the task of a leader is to remind the organization of its purpose. Maybe the primary task it simply to remind others to keep their eyes open and to see the mosaic of life in which we live. Open our eyes, Lord, to see how your Spirit fits the pieces of our lives together. Then we could expand our UMC tagline: Open hearts, open minds, open doors AND open eyes.

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