Friday, September 12, 2008

Retro 70's

Leaving the hospital at the end of the day yesterday it felt like a 70's flashback as I drove home. Every gas station had long, some extremely long lines for gas. I suddenly wondered if there had been something abnormal on the news, like a terriorist attack again.

What was it? Storm panic. With Hurricane Ike headed into the refinery dense Texas gulf coast, I guess everyone expected a jump in prices, or gap in supply. I heard talk at the JV football game last night that gas prices today would be over $5.00. Customers were limited to 10 gallons of gas and some stations had already raised prices for basic unleaded by 50 cents a gallon. Apparently the panic was centered in Sumter, but did spread to Columbia by evening.

Ah, human nature. Maybe the churches should announce a potential shortage of grace.


A Potter's View said...

Great last line!


Jim Elder said...

Had to go to three stations before I found one that had gas. Actually paid 3.60 for it but it had a 10 gallon limit. Most other stations jumped .40 over night after having jumped .20 two days before. And yet, oil is at $102 a barrel despite the storm. Go figure.

I wonder how this "jump" will impact people coming to church on Sunday? Don't know how I'll be able to afford any gas so I can make pastoral calls! (Just kidding)

Steve said...

Here in Lancaster, SC, the prices jumped up to 3.69 with a limit of $40 per car. You're right; with vehicles lined up everywhere, it did look like the energy crisis of the '70's.

roadtripray said...

As I drove back home from Charlotte Friday evening I noticed long lines at some gas stations, and yellow plastic bags over the nozzles of other gas stations who had already run out of gas. Then as I kept going I passed Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, and scores of restaurants with packed parking lots. I guess it really hasn't changed our habits that much, huh?