Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Time for a haircut and I've got a decision to make. Do I keep the buzz cut or let it grow back out? Here's how I got in this situation. Right before our vacation I needed a haircut and was using my beard trimmer to just take a little off around the ears. We bald guys pay attention to what little hair we have.

Cynthia offered to use the trimmer and touch up the back of my head. Great. She took the spacer off the trimmer to clean it and when she put it back on she inadvertently set it to the lowest level - buzz cut. Then she made a swipe right up the back of my head, giving me a reverse Mohawk. Her frantic gasp is what told me something was wrong.

After trying to "patch it up," the girls finally just buzzed the rest of my head. It felt weird for several days, like I was back in the third grade. But it was also nice on vacation because I really didn't have to ever worry about combing my hair. Such a convenience does not go unnoticed with me.

So, Cynthia says she likes it, it's less trouble, and I've found that at my age a chance to feel like a third-grader isn't bad either. Where's the trimmer?


Matt said...

Hey Nitrorev, I follow your blog through Google Reader, even though I'm not a frequent commenter. However, this is a very important issue. :-)

Keep it buzzed!! Have you heard of a mullet? When bald guys grow out the sides and back it's called a skullet. You must avoid the skullet at all costs!

Syd said...

I wouldn't worry too much about it. Unless you are considering a comb-over.

DogBlogger said...

My hubby has the same hair pattern as you and has been doing the buzz cut thing for several years now. I say go for it. (Added bonus: It's the antithesis of the not-fooling-anybody combover.)

Joseph said...

Let it stay long but buzzcut advertising logos on the back of your head-- "Jesus Saves" "Burma Shave" etc.

roadtripray said...

I love it. Definitely skip the "skullet" but just think about the doors you'd open with a message carved in the back of your head.

I have more hair than you, but it's getting so doggone thin on top that I receive horrible sunburns on my scalp. And since I'm not bald, just thinning, it's impossible to put sunscreen up there.

Fortunately between a wife and three kids, a fulltime "tentmaking" job, school, and a two-point charge I don't get to see the sun very much :-)


Questing Parson said...

Keep the buzz. It would take too long to grow a ponytail.