Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Years Leads Ash Wednesday

In a recent poll, Ashy was lagging behind the long time front runner, Newbie, by 7 penance points. It's still too early to predict a winner in this race. Each candidate claims to be the time of a "fresh start," with only their strategies distinguishing them. Newbie claimed a hugh lead with its celebrity parties and worldwide media blitz. However, in the face of Newbie's failure to sustain change, Ashy has been gaining ground. The momentum has stalled recently with Ashy's public insistence on contrition and humilty, causing voter panic among the boomers. In spite of the rhetoric and fluxuations, voter apathy is apparent. Even those engaged in the process seem to looking over their shoulder, hoping for a new candidate with both vision and the ability to affect real change. Could such unrest be the opening for Easter to drafted into nomination?

In other news,
A season of Lent seems out of pace with the rest of life. Full article, A Seasoned Life posted on Checked Luggage blog.

"We need the Church and its non-conformist plodding through the year. We are designed for a Sabbath and for life to have its seasons. Frankly, a lot of people don’t understand this about the Church. For many, Sunday worship is just another thing to do, or “get done.” Time with friends worshipping our God just merges into the same ole’ blur as we move on to other things.

But the Church steadfastly issues Christ’s call: “Come unto me, all you who are heavy laden and weary and I will give you rest.”.” The Church says, “We will take time to sit in God’s presence (without a Game-boy or latte in hand to entertain us) and we will wait on one another for hymns, prayers, and communion.” The Church is governed not by the clock, but by eternity."

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