Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The D.O.C.K Rocks!

Wow, Sunday went so well. The D.O.C.K. program went off without a hitch, and we had an excellent turnout of members and visitors to participate. The church was full for worship and the energy level was high. I am so proud for all those who have hustled over the past few weeks to get all the details taken care of. The first presentation of the DOCK was an event that obviously connected with the intended audience, elementary age children and their parents, meaning their ideas and work were on target.

I realize this could sound like I'm boasting about the church today, but I really mean it as celebration. There are enough times when we bemoan the fact that things don't go as we hoped, or people don't respond, or volunteers don't come through on commitments. So, when it all comes together so well, I think you should pause and say "thanks be to God!" There's more hard work to do, but for now I'll keep my dancing shoes on, and celebrate.

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