Friday, October 3, 2008

Kids Take You at Your Word

Early this week I did the chapel for our Day School. I printed a "Lost Dog" poster and took it as my prop. I talked about how we go looking for a lost pet because we love it. I talked about Jesus' story of the shepherd looking for the lost sheep and how God loves us and goes looking for us.

Last night a mom of one of the three-year olds told me she was pleased to report that the children really listen in chapel (something I honestly wasn't sure actually was happening.) She took her kids to the fair and told them they had to stay close to her so they wouldn't get lost. The three-year old said, "It's OK mommy, Rev. Taylor said that if I get lost, God will come looking for me."


DogBlogger said...


(But I'd still recommend that she hold hands with her mom at the fair...)

roadtripray said...

Oh man, that's an awesome visual! Mind if I borrow the "lost dog" poster idea?


Stephen Taylor said...

Anytime, Ray. I borrowed it myself!