Friday, June 20, 2008

Tired of Green

I finally took some time last night and caught up on blog reading. Seems a lot of other bloggers are busy as well, either with moving or trips or whatever, and so the posts are sporadic. The exception of course is my brother Tom at Random Connections, who keeps way too much going on.

I added three new links to my blog list. Balance, by fellow UM pastor Steve Patterson, is a beautifully done blog that I enjoy checking in on. Steve's blog is just in a whole other class. Ray Reavis is a computer guru and great guy who's dealing with this whole ministry thing. And Syd Smith at Sunny Words 4 Shady People is a wonderful friend, who knows all things music, nearly always has an interesting opinion on things, and has decided to try blogging. I hope he'll stick with it and find his rhythm.

I keep thinking I'll get around to changing my site, updating it with a new picture and header. I'm starting to get tired of the green format. Maybe I'll go with sunshine yellow, which is the color my daughter chose for her new bedroom! August 1 is the first anniversary of this site, so maybe by then I can figure out how to make format changes and put together something new and "refreshing."


Steve said...

Stephen, hello! I got notice of your mention of my blog and came over to take a look. Thank you very much for the big compliment. I look forward to catching up on your blog entries, too. I'd like to link back to Nitrorev, if that's okay.

Stephen Taylor said...

Glad to "link up" with you. Thanks.

roadtripray said...

Hi Rev Taylor,

I'm honored to have my blog mentioned on yours. I've been a little scant in posting lately, preparing for my new appointment while holding down the other half of my bi-vocational existence! If I could count school as a vocation I would be tri-vocational.

I enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts.